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K-Electric,s Rs14.53 Per Unit Power Tariff Hike Kills People Of Karachi

KARACHI: Seeking any other hike, K-Electric, the sole electricity utility in Karachi, on Tuesday submitted a request to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA)

Sameer Sameer 2 Min Read
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Amber Heard Stuns With New “Rules” Clause Blocking Johnny Depp

Some unsealed documents also claim that Aqua man actor has refused to take $16 million for their divorce settlement. According

Sameer Sameer 1 Min Read

India vs Pakistan: The pressure game – Babar Azam

Lahore: Pakistan captain Babar Azam declared on Thursday that every India against Pakistan match puts pressure on players , as

Sameer Sameer 1 Min Read

HEC Pakistan Announces International Scholarship For Pakistani Students

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced it is aware that the Moroccan government has offered scholarships to Pakistani students.

Sameer Sameer 3 Min Read

Mostbet Official Site Sports Betting & Casino, Bonus 25000, Login

ContentHow will I know that players are assigned to me at Mostbet Affiliate program?Why do publishers choose the mostbet affiliate

Sameer Sameer 15 Min Read

England and Pakistan to tour together after 17 years

The England cricket team is scheduled to play a seven-match series in Pakistan. That will be the first time they

Sameer Sameer 3 Min Read