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ISLAMABAD - Pakistan reported 9 deaths and 806 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.citing National Institute of Health (NIH), According to the(NIH), According

Sameer Sameer 1 Min Read
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Chai Poetry in Urdu (Tea Poetry) – Chai Shayari

طلسمِ مصر ہے اُس کے حسین ہاتھوں میں طلسمِ مصر ہے اُس کے حسین ہاتھوں میں جو وُہ بنائے تو

Sameer Sameer 2 Min Read

Making Electricity With A Bike: The New Sustainable Energy Source.

I'm a cycling enthusiast, and when the weather is bad, I use a bicycle trainer in my apartment. But riding

Sameer Sameer 3 Min Read

Heart Touching Poetry In Urdu – Heart Touching Shayari

نفرتوں کے تیر کھا کر، دوستوں کے شہر میں نفرتوں کے تیر کھا کر، دوستوں کے شہر میں ہم نے

Sameer Sameer 2 Min Read

Outbreak Of Dengue Fever In Twin Cities Takes Unexpected Turn

According to District Health Officer (DHO) Islamabad, the federal capital Islamabad has reported 96 cases of dengue fever in the

Hassan Hassan 3 Min Read

What Is Service Level Management?

Service Level Management, or SLM, is a way to ensure that services and service levels are defined, negotiated delivered and

Sameer Sameer 2 Min Read